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The admissions process is opaque and incredibly stressful. Our PhD-trained advisors provide well-researched, thoughtful, and innovative strategic guidance.

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Membership to other programs is not necessary, but the members get discounted rates. Some of our popular programs are:

Personalized mentoring.

You are unique, and so are your goals.
The Personalized Mentoring Package is dedicated to helping you get there.

Every year competition to get into the best programs gets tougher. For example, acceptance rates at ivy-league colleges sit about 5%.

The holistic admissions process evaluates an applicant for academic and non-academic factors. Academic performance involves choosing the right courses, building good study habits, and scoring high GPA and standardized test scores. Non-academic factors evaluate the applicant on creativity, style, motivation, engagement, professionalism, teamwork, leadership, management, organization, and many other factors. Our dedicated mentor guides you from start-to-finish, every step of the way. Our goal is to get to your admissions goal and build good habits towards an excellent professional career. Our PhD-trained advisors put their research, innovation, and problem-solving skills to provide you with the best strategies, practices, and tools.

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Trusted Mentors.

The holistic admission criteria change every about three years - primarily because of accelerating changes in global economies, politics, technological advances, social environments, and, not the least, the number of applicants. Competition to premier programs is intensifying as information and tools become widely available. Admission offices continue to raise the qualifying bar. Error forgiveness is decreasing. In this environment, flawless outstanding applications are becoming the norm. Our primary advisors are PhD-trained with demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness, and attention to detail through publications in top journals. Some of them have served on admission committees, supervised new students, and seen many situations that a typical student faces. These skills are applied to your case to provide well-researched, thoughtful, and innovative strategic guidance to help craft your unique application.

Self-prep Programs

High-end Admissions.
without breaking the bank.

The lack of transparency, the ambiguous and subjective assessment of character, talent, leadership, etc., in the name of the holistic admissions process has tilted the playing field in favor of applicants who could hire private consultants paying tens of thousands of dollars, including our 'Personalized Mentoring Program.'

To level the playing field, we have started new "Self-prep & Save" programs for BS, MS, and Ph.D. applicants to help them prepare high-quality applications at affordable costs.

The Guided Self-Prep programs help you prepare your own applications in a group setting while we provide a deep understanding of each step of the process through articles and webinars, templates, planning and tracking tools, discussion and feedback from our mentors and other community members. The Mentored Self-Prep programs include 20 individual mentoring sessions in addition to the Guided Self-Prep program contents.

The community: It’s a team effort! The focused community of applicants and mentors helps you keep motivated and on track throughout the application process. Working in a group and with other applicants provides group support, sharing ideas and challenges, faster resolution of doubts, and a team celebrating your successes.

Application guides & webinars

Information overload causes stress. We simplify the process with just the right amount of critical information and templates for application preparation.

Task planning and tracking tools

It's a complex project with many moving parts and multiple deadlines. Stay on track with our time and goal tracking tools.

Money-saving strategies

We strive to save you money whenever possible by recommending or helping through scholarships, application-fee waivers, and job opportunities.

Professional success skills

We want you to survive once you get admissions and help you to build habits & skills for professional success.

Data Analysis

We collect and analyze all kinds of application-related data so that you can make the most well-informed decisions.

Standardized Test Prep

Our (optional) test prep partners help you excel in standardized tests (SAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.).

Commitment to promote
Equality in Education

Many students do not get equal educational opportunities because of factors beyond their control, such as being in war zones, part of marginalized communities, or affected by socioeconomic disparities. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in the admission process by providing deep discounts on our Self-Prep programs.

Currently, we are supporting applicants affected by wars (in Ukraine and Yemen) and socially marginalized communities in India. If you are adversely affected by these situations and would like to take advantage of our programs, please complete the application below.

Equality Application

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