Who we are

Listeners. Advisors. Educators.

Solving students’ needs and promoting educational equality. 

Our mission is to do what’s best for achieving the career dreams of every aspiring student who comes to us. We strive for excellence in career guidance by constantly improving our service, research, technologies, and team capabilities. 

At TaurusCoach, our students come first.


TaurusCoach is committed to serving the student community. We are dedicated to enhancing students’ achievements and well-being; to teaching and mentoring; to research and innovation; and to taking a leadership role in advocating for students.

Dedication to students’ achievements and well-being
From preparing students for their desired academic programs to helping them survive well through those programs, we offer comprehensive assistance to our aspiring students while actively supporting their mental and emotional well-being.

Dedication to teaching and mentoring
Most of our staff is Ph.D. trained at top US programs and have been involved in teaching as an integral part of their career. For us, teaching comes in various forms – classroom training, guided self-study, coaching, mentoring, etc.

Dedication to research and innovation
Education is constantly changing because of technological, socioeconomic, and policy changes. Our Ph.D.-trained researchers investigate these and build innovative models of how to take advantage of these changes for the benefit of our students.

Dedication to advocacy for students' welfare
We are deeply troubled by the inequalities, mental health issues, and high costs pervasive in higher education. We run various programs to address these issues. Our Self-prep & Save programs are designed to provide high-quality admissions guidance at an affordable price. We highly encourage applicants from socioeconomically marginalized sectors of society to reach out to us for further discounts on our programs.


To provide research-based innovative, practical, cost-effective, and transparent guidance to our students so that they succeed in their dream education.

To dedicate ourselves to delivering excellent and equitable service to students and their families.

To lead in research on higher education and bring those insights to students so that they can make informed decisions, improve their mental health, and enjoy their careers.

To promote the professional development of our team in ways that will benefit current and future generations of students.