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You are unique, and so are your goals.
The Personalized Mentoring Package is dedicated to helping you get there.

Every year competition to get into the best programs gets tougher. For example, acceptance rates at ivy-league colleges sit about 5%.

The holistic admissions process evaluates an applicant for academic and non-academic factors. Academic performance involves choosing the right courses, building good study habits, and scoring high GPA and standardized test scores. Non-academic factors evaluate the applicant on creativity, style, motivation, engagement, professionalism, teamwork, leadership, management, organization, and many other factors. Our dedicated mentor guides you from start-to-finish, every step of the way. Our goal is to get to your admissions goal and build good habits towards an excellent professional career. Our PhD-trained advisors put their research, innovation, and problem-solving skills to provide you with the best strategies, practices, and tools.

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Our goal is to help you stand out
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Good test scores and GPA are essential but not enough. There are thousands of applicants who have good GPAs and test scores. Extracurricular activities, leadership skills, and a personal uniform narrative are what make you stand out.

Personalized and tailored mentorship
We start with understanding your personal ambitions and current achievements. We will then assign you one or two dedicated mentors who have related experience of "been there, done that." The mentors work with you to design a strategic roadmap, a breakdown of key steps, and then guide you through every step of the way. We help you to overcome your weak areas and outshine your strong ones whether in academic excellence, extracurricular activities, or interview skills.
Make the process less stressful
The whole admission process is stressful as such, more so if you want to get it right on the first try. Most applicants would prefer not to go through the process again to avoid the stress, anxiety, and expenses. Our mentors become the guiding north-star and a pillar of support that walk with you through the many twist-and-turns of the process. We want you to get it right on the first attempt.
Create outstanding resume
Resume requirements and expectations are uniquely different for BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs, ranging from one-pager for BS to multi-page CV for Ph.D. programs. After computerized cut-offs of GPA and test scores, the resume is your first impression to the admission officer. Right wording and/or format is crucially important. Our mentors help you craft the right resume(s) for each application and any internships.
Pick the right college/program list
The college, university, or program you go to becomes a big part of your life and identity. Your classmates will most likely become your lifelong friends and colleagues. Just like an admission officer is evaluating you, you too should select the program carefully. That is why we really try to understand you to suggest a preferred college or program list based on various factors, including academic ambitions, geographic preference, lifestyle, etc.
Build suitable extracurricular activities
Extracurricular activities (EA) are meant to show your passion, unique talents, and personal attributes like leadership, grit, creativity, etc. The possibilities are numerous. A right EA that highlights your personal attributes carries outsized weight in making you stand out among thousands of applicants. Our mentors brainstorm the right EA for you and can help to create the right opportunities for you, be it launching your own art gallery, finding internship opportunities at prominent companies or research labs, or founding your own NGO or business.
Tell the right personal narrative
The admission officer expects to know YOU as a person through the essays and answers you provide. It is tempting to use cliche phrases and stories, but the lack of originality becomes evident to the reader. In this program, as we provide personalized mentoring, we are continuously building your personal narrative over months. At the time of application, it becomes easier to tell your unique journey and ambitions. Of course, our mentors will help you revise the narrative for the As we provide personalized mentoring in this program best effect.
Develop a confident leader with good time management & study habits
"Entering a competitive program is one step; equally important is to survive it well." Our mentors, who have been through US top programs, help you learn leadership skills, strategic thinking, networking, good time management techniques, and effective study habits. These skills will serve you well through your graduation and beyond.
Organize and manage the whole admission process
The application process is long and arduous with many moving pieces. Allowing enough time to complete each task with high quality is essential. Our mentors design a customized plan for you, all the way to landing on-campus, and continuously keep track of it with you.
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