Our unique approach utilizes both experienced mentors and current internationals at top US universities to help you craft the best college application possible.
First-hand experience as internationals in the US
Our mentors has gone through the exact same process of getting admission in the top US universities, mostly as internationals.
Over 85% get into one of their top choice program
With years of experience mentoring hundreds of students, we know how to get you an acceptance. That is why over 85% of our students get accepted into one of their top three choices.
Personalized attention, focused on you
You are unique and so is your application. We take time to understand your history and aspirations to tailor solutions that fit you. We want you to be happy with the program that you get into.

What is included:

Application assistance
Using Zoom and screen sharing, we will work with you to guide you through your application submissions. You can schedule the number of hours depending on your requirement for one or ten applications.
Personal mentor
You will be matched with a mentor who has experience getting admission in a similar program that you are applying.

Meet our advisors:

Tanoj Meshram
BS, Mechanical Engineering, GCOE Amravati India
MS, Public Management & Policy, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Ph.D., Social Policy, Brandeis University, Boston, MA, USA
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Keertik Fulzele, Ph.D.
BS, Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
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How it works:

We aim to help you build a great application and stand out from thousands of other applicants.  
Using an in-depth intake process, we learn about each student, including their goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
Mentor assignment
We evaluate each applicant carefully before assigning a mentor who will best serve their needs based on the student’s interests, goals, and personality.
Schedule session
Zoom sessions allow flexibility to schedule virtual meetup sessions at mutually-convenient flexible times. 'Share screen' feature allows to the point and clear discussion.
Complete the application
Using an in-depth intake process, we learn about each student, including their goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
When ready, contact us to get started
Request On-demand Mentoring