The current 'Self-prep & Save' batch for the Fall 2022 application cycle will run from May 01, 2022, through September 01, 2023 (16 months).
The current 'Self-prep & Save' batch for the Fall 2022 application cycle will run from May 01, 2022, through September 01, 2023 (16 months).

Frequently asked questions.

Which program is suitable for me?

The choice of the programs varies depending on your particular situation and goals. Generally, if you are more than 2-year away from applying, join the free Explorer program to start gathering knowledge that helps you decide the next steps. Once decided on a degree program, we recommend you start preparation early through our Guided Self-prep and Mentored Self-prep programs. The programs start early enough to reduce stress and save you money. If you are good at deducing what to do based on broad guidance, such as reading a book or attending a webinar, choosing Guided Self-prep would also save you a lot. If your resume is a little complicated or if you have special ambitions, consider joining Mentored Self-prep to get all your questions answered. Personalized Mentoring is highly tailored to all-things-you, and we passionately put all our best efforts to help you achieve your goals. We accept limited applicants for the program. If you are considering it, please inquire ASAP. On-demand Mentoring, as the name suggests, is available to anyone at any time to get 1-on-1 hourly mentoring with our mentors on any topic.

Why is there a joining deadline for the "Self-prep" programs?

The joining deadline for the "Self-prep" programs is July 15, 2022. From our experience, we know that applicants who start early have the best chance of success and realizing their true potential. Hence, the programs are designed to give you the best stepwise comprehensive preparation. By May 15th, all other applicants in the program are beyond the warm-up phase and into the application accelerator phase. Bringing new applicants joining after May 15th up-to-speed is challenging and disrupts the community of fellow applicants. Although we may make an exception for some candidates, we will most likely refer you to our On-demand Mentoring or Personalized Mentoring programs.

Can I change my program levels later?

Depends on your current program. Change among Explorer, Guided Self-prep, or Mentored Self-prep program can be done until July 15, 2022, with prorated payments. On-demand Mentoring can be added at any time through your dashboard. To check availability and

I am having a technical difficulty making a payment. Is there alternate method to pay?

The technical difficulties can be due to restrictions on international payments or recurrent payments by your bank or credit/debit card provider. Alternatively, you can pay by invoice, using a check, or electronic funds transfer (EFT). Please complete the form here and we will provide an alternate method of payment.

When will I get access to the tools like calendar, community etc?

After purchasing the programs, please allow up to 1-week to set up all access. In case there continues to be any technical difficulties, please contact

Do you allow a refund? Can I cancel membership?

For the Self-prep programs, refunds are not allowed after the trial period ends, or the next payment is made. You can cancel the membership before the payment for the next installment is triggered.  Unused On-demand Mentoring sessions can be canceled by notifying